Today I come back to show you something I just shared on github HERE.

This is a cool peace of code that allows you to add stylish parallax effects on your website just by adding classes.

Images, texts, divs, [what you want] can jump on the screen when scrolling down.

When you scroll back to the top of the webpage, everything resets and no need to refresh to see the magic again.

How To

  • Add the 2 files in your website directory and call them (works with jquery!!)
<link rel="stylesheet" href="pop-parallax.css">
<script src=""></script>
<script src="pop-parallax.js"></script>
  • Use classes on each element you want to appear with the parallax effect:
<img src="path/to/img" class="pop"></img>

Choose from where it comes

  • element with class="pop" will come from bottom
  • element with class="pop pop-left" will come from left
  • element with class="pop pop-right" will come from right
  • element with class="pop pop-top" will come from top



This code is inspired from one of the super cool tutorials of DevTips

You can contribute, fork, issue, … like you want.