I come back today to share a new javascript plugin I made : Z-NOTIF

This is a little javascript notification system allowing you to quickly attach notifications on user events.


It is written with OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) style and fully usable once you included the javascript file in your html. You don’t need any other library like jQuery …

The parameters

4 parameters are available, they are all optional :

  • type (Default: “note”) :
    ** “note” : the default one displays a blue notification
    ** “success” : displays a green notification
    ** “warning” : displays a orange notification
    ** “error” : displays a red notification
  • text (Default: “Hello, World!”) : this is where you specify the text you wont to be inside the notification
  • duration (Default : 3000) : this is the number of milliseconds that the notification will stay displayed on the screen
  • prepend (Default) : whether you want the type of notification written before the text or not.

Very easy-to-use plugin !!!

The only thing you have to do each time you wonna display a notification, is to create a new instance of the ZNotif object and passing it some arguments.

For example:

I want a warning notification that says “What are you doing here?!”
I want it to fire when the #my-elemnt is clicked
It has to last 5 second on my screen.

var elem = document.getElementById("#my-element");
elem.addEventListener("click", function(){
new ZNotif("warning", "What are you doing here?!", 5000);

More information

Everything is explained HERE

You can find the sources on the github repo

Feel free to share, fork, pull request , issue or comment below ;)