I come back today to share a new pen I made. Again I used jade for the HTML and SCSS for the CSS. (still learning…)

This is an html-css-js tool I made to emulate a browser inside your browser. It can be used for website demonstration or to give a stylish way to show a website on yours… Do you still follow me ? no ? OK, I’ll show you:

See the Pen browser inception by Benjamin CARADEUC (@benavern) on CodePen.

It is written with OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) style and is fully usable once you included the CSS and javascript files in your html. You don’t need any other library like jQuery or others.


To add browsers on your webpage, you just have to add divs with the z-browser class and that’s all. If you put something inside, it will be overwritten.

You can specify the starting website url by adding it the attribute data-url setted to the url you want (don’t forget the http:// or it won’t work.)

<div class="z-browser" data-url="http://example.com/"></div>

Isn’t it awesome ??? Let me know what you think in the comments bellow!