These days , I do a lot of projects on html / css / javascript and I always have to configure documentation pages from 0. It takes time , but is very often the same structure.

And then I had an idea: Why don’t I make my own starterkit with everything setted up, so that I just have to write the content and with a minimum of configuration, end with a complete documentation page, beautiful and deployable ?

Today, this idea becomes reality! Here is the first version of this starterkit :

I decided to use some new technologies I am aware since some times but didn’t opt for it yet :

  • Jade : It is a templating script language that permits you writting HTML faster
  • Sass : It is a CSS preprocessor that allow you create variables, mixins, operations, …
  • Gulp : An automation tool you will control with nodeJs, I prefered it against GRUNT.

This is the awesome Travis Neilson via his DevTips YouTube channel that gave me the motivation to use those technologies and I am happy now, because I feel more comfortable with tools I was interested in, but better fully used before!

This project is meant to evolve, but is fully usable as-is today. For the moment, it will help you making one-page-apps but maybe one day more…

You can contribute, fork, issue on github and please comment below!

See you next hack ;-)