It’s been a long time I have not published anything here but now I come back and share something that will be useful for a lot of my projects and maybe yours…

My problem

A little bit bored from having to add a license to each of my projects, READMEs, etc…

My solution

I decided to create a github page for the MIT license (the one I use for a lot of my projects) filled with my information.

But when you do that and know that you only have to change your name and optionaly provide a link, you tell yourself, “What else???”.

As a good developper, you want your creation to be usefull for other people!

This is what I did :



To personalize it, you just have to add some search-like information in the url’s hash

  • name : yours or your companies
  • link : (optional) a URL or mailto link to give the visitor a chance to contact you


Take me, my name is Benjamin Caradeuc and my personal website (where you can find how to contact me) is located at http://caradeuc.info/

The URL will be :



Don’t forget to escape the data that you put in the url for a better compatibility!


If you don’t want to personalize the page, you can pass a space in the name parameter. The space escaped code is %20, so the url will be :


This will result in an anonymous license text.

If you like (or if you don’t) that project, let me know in the comments below!

See you next hack ;-)